Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Gaming Lounge

Core 51 gives you the best virtual reality experience you’ll ever have!
Don’t just Sit There! LIVE IT!
  • Get transported to amazing new worlds or take down Aliens! You will have a blast enjoying the future of entertainment with the Sony PlayStation VR at Core 51.

Each session is 1 hour minimum. You may book as many hours as you like.

  • It offers an array of virtual reality experience for up to 3 players at a time. Participants can choose from a selection of games featuring genres such as action, simulation and experience.

We have multiple games/experiences to choose from.
You can select which ones you want to play at ANY TIME during your session.
About half of our games/experiences are multi-player with players on 2 VR Stations we can put you in the same game to work with each other or against each other.


PS4 VR Prices
  • 1/2 Hour        $6
  • 1 Hour            $10
  • 2 Hours          $18
  • 3 Hours          $25